Religion in Congress

This article form US News breaks down the 115th congress by race, gender, and religion. Although it has been said that this congress is the most diverse congress the US has ever seen in regards to race and gender, it is still over 90% Christian. After looking at other statistics in class about the most prevalent religions practiced in the US, this number is not that surprising. This article also credits PEW for its data, which is what we used when discussing the religious makeup of the US in class. Having over 90% of congress practice or believe in Christianity will most likely affect the kinds of laws that get passed, and the lack of religious diversity could within congress could potentiall cause problems of religious stereotypes and prejudice. Especially in today’s political climate, when there is a lot of fear and propoganda surrounding certain religions, it is some what unnerving knowing religious beliefs among our lawmakers are mostly Christian, and there’s a very, very small percentage of congressmen and congresswomen who are of a different faith.