Book Presentation

Each student will be assigned to a group of 3-4, to read one of the case studies listed on the Books page of this website. You should:

  • Read the entire case study.
  • Figure out its structure, the author’s intent in writing it, and what it has to say about contemporary religion.
  • Then meet with your group outside of class to plan how you will teach that case study to the class.

Each presentation should take about 25 minutes, including time for audience questions.  You should figure out how best to engage the class.  If you use slides, please deposit them at the course Moodle site, in the correct folder by noon on the day of your presentation.  That way, I can get them on the classroom computer.  Other techniques do not work well.

Any group that simply divides up the chapters for its presentation gets an automatic “F”.  For more positive suggestions, click here for detailed guidelines.

After you have made your presentation, each member of the group should download the Group Project Evaluation Form, fill it out, and give it to your instructor.