Spirituality in Everyday Life

On Monday, my group presented the key points and ideas of Nancy Tatom Ammerman’s, “Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes”. Throughout the book, Ammerman uses real experiences and stories to describe spirituality from different religious perspectives. In, “A Spirituality For Hot-Mess Times #LoveTakesAction”, published in The Huffington Post, Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D. writes how she finds God in her own daily life. Like Ammerman’s book, she writes about meditation and it’s spiritual ability. However, also similar to some of Ammerman’s interviewees, Lewis finds God and her spirituality through the world around her. Whether she is walking on the street, or enjoying the waves of the ocean she feels, “God there; She is marching, dancing, singing, chanting with [her]”. In “Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes”, it was common for people to feel the presence of God through other daily routines such as: gathering for dinner around the table, listening to specific songs, and gardening. Regardless of religious beliefs, I think that finding spirituality within one’s self and world around them is important. Practicing any form of spirituality is a great way to focus on goals and to find positivity in life.