America cannot have one Religion

The article I read, Freedom of Religion According to Thomas Jefferson, was a piece that laid out some background on the Declaration of Independence and the reasoning behind Jefferson’s strong belief in religious freedom. This article came out at the right time because currently Betsy DeVos has plans to put more funding towards private religious education. Her reasoning for this is upheld by her religious background. This is exactly what Jefferson was trying to avoid. The first amendment stands for Jefferson’s beliefs and it expresses that congress and government have no place in establishing a religion. So why would it be alright today if religion became imbedded in education? As current Americans we are living through a very different time than Jefferson did. We are undergoing things that our founding fathers would have never wanted to happen. There has been push after push for changes that our country wasn’t supposed to stand for. As amazing as I personally think it would be for a majority of schools to be faith driven, I cannot stand behind forcing children into that. I might love the idea of doing something like that on my own but  as Americans we have a right to believe anything and shouldn’t be funneled down a path we don’t want to go down at such a young age. Religion isn’t defined by just Christianity, there are so many other religious branches, denominations, and aspects that don’t even align with Christianity. We need to be careful what kind of changes are made to our country because we cannot leave people out.

Rollston, Christopher. “Freedom Of Religion According To Thomas Jefferson.” The Huffington Post., 14 Feb. 2017. Web.