Religion and Climate Change

The article I chose for this week does not relate to a topic discussed in class, but serves as a reminder that climate change is the most pressing issue that humans of faith and no faith need to acknowledge and address.

This article speaks about religious involvement within the environmental movement. I for one did not know that certain religious leaders speak out about this issue because I had never seen it. The article stated that climate change wasn’t just an economic, science, and political issue, but an issue of our morals and our spiritual commitment. Pope Francis actually called on all people to take care of creation because it has been entrusted to them by God. He went on to make several other points such as an economy of excess has created an economy of exclusion because it is the poor who suffer most from lack of water, food and economic opportunity. So climate change isn’t just about the weather changing, but it is about how we see ourselves as active participants in nature and if that relationship is a positive one. It is also an issue about how we care for other people. I hope more religious leaders encourage people to engage in living more sustainable.