Presentation Relfection

The presentation that stood out to me the most was the “Religion has no Passport” because it is a recent issue that is happening at this moment with the immigrations policies changing. Not only are immigration policies a major factor in today’s society but also the values, customs and traditions that these immigrants cherish when they migrate into the United States. It was interesting to see the perspectives from other immigrants from different countries like Muslims from Pakistan, Protestants from Brazil, or as far as Hindus from India rather than from the only perspective that I am more used to seeing with are Catholics from Mexico. 

 The act of immigrants that bring along their culture and religion from their home countries has developed the idea or syncretism of religious rituals and beliefs. That means that there are carious ways of practicing religion or adapting a certain idea from different religions and connecting them morally depending on the person. When these immigrants are aware of the American law from the constitution that allows for the freedom of religion they see this opportunity to create a good society by accepting different religions. 

What I found most interesting and stood out to me the most were the Muslims from Karachi, Pakistan because they migrate into the United States already fluent in English, come with money, already educated with college degrees and have businesses, but choose to come to another country to offer their family better opportunities for their future. Although they still chose to stay close to practice their religion as Muslims as self faith to be able to achieve personal happiness and peace. Even though the Muslim community from Islamic countries are not respected in the United States they form a brotherhood and acceptance amongst themselves and delay the ignorance from the rest of the world.