Reflection 2/24

This week was the week that I completed my first congregation visit and reported on it to the class. Almost all of the rest of the oral presentations on congregation visit number one was also completed. During my own congregation visit, I got a deeper understanding of how it feels to be a member of organized religion. It was very welcoming at this particular church. It felt as though I was new but overwhelmingly welcomed into their sacred space. Others during their presentations echoed this feeling of welcome while some felt the opposite. Some students felt awkward and out of place at their congregation visits. They stated that this may be due to the congregation’s sense of community and ability to mingle.

One presentation that intrigued me was the presentation on the experience at The First Church of Christ Scientist. I had never heard of such a congregation and it sounds like one unlike any other I know of. The presenter stated that this church doesn’t believe in doctors, they believe that healing comes from prayer. This is very interesting to me. I had heard years ago that this was one of the beliefs that Bob Marley held, but other than this case I had never heard of someone connecting with this. I also found it very interesting that this congregation believes that everything must be physically proven and that they do not believe in the devil or hell. Overall, every presentation recounting the information learned at these congregations was informative and eye-opening.