Employers in the EU can ban visible religious symbols like islamic headscarfs

This article in USA today presents the new ruling in the ECJ (European Court of Justice) that employers may ban their staff from wearing any religious attire, whether that be a cross, a hijab, etc. However, it is likely that employers in Europe will be more inclined to prohibit the hijab rather than a Christian cross necklace. This ruling tells one of the six stories of religion today presented by McGuire and Dr. Spickard. The banning of any religious attire (but especially islamic) is a sign that a society is moving towards a more secular landscape. Removing visible and public symbols of religion like the hijab creates an impression that religion is disappearing from the society. The freedom employers gain from having the control to ban the hijab can be viewed as secularization through privatization. Employers can chose whether they want public religious symbols in their work environment. However, this takes away religious freedom from the individual, and defeats the idea of pluralism within the European Union.