Religion and bias

The movie we watched in class showed us that how religion can ties people together to create social movement against social bias. In the movie, black church creates place to keep people together and protect their identity from bias.   It was also those people’s way to protest, and fight back against unreasonable bias. Their effect to social change is huge, and it contributes to both conflict and cohesion through fighting against society and getting equality.

However, part of reason that there is social inequality, not just racism but also gender role and other social premise is religion itself. Religion contributed to give white people priority and set gender role for man and woman. The way, despite the direction of movement, of how religion affected  to society is same for both white privilege and movement against bias. Both creates or changes certain trend in society, and both protects certain group. Movement against woman gender  role is more preferable to people compared to back then, when traditional woman gender role is more preferable. I think only difference is time, situation, and the existed social trend. The result of how people use religion in social movement can be anything, even opposite, which shows how big the influence of religion is on people and society.