The Four Narratives

The four narratives in the sociology of religion presented by McGuire and Dr. Spickard are extremely important and understanding the American religious landscape and how it has evolved throughout the years. How dynamic are the four narratives? How often to things change? Exploring ways in which the four narratives in the society of religion are present in today’s dynamic society is something that seems important to do often. With the recent election of President Donald Trump, it seems as though many new and old religious issues are coming up. As students in this class, we are able to use Secularization, Religious Reorganization, Religious Individualization, and The Supply Side of Religious Markets in order to understand the American religious landscape today, and how current events are effecting it. We can see how the history of the American religious landscape compares to current events in the world and how that changes the United States. The approaches to secularization are also important factors: how do these change with society? Have the changed? Comparing ways in which the narratives are present in the United States and the ways in which they are in other countries is important in understanding differences between the societies.

Seeing ways in which the four narratives that are used in the sociology in religion have been present within the American religious landscape is something that can be very valuable to understand. The ways in which religion is changing society in America is something that seems extremely relevant, especially right now with the political situation we have.