Vandals Wreck Headstones at Historic Jewish Cemetery in St. Louis

This week’s news article discusses the tragic vandalism of dozens of headstones at a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis. According to the article police are in the process of reviewing security footage, and are not yet prepared to declare whether or not the act was a hate crime. However, on the same day as the vandalism occurred, 11 Jewish community centers were targeted with another wave of bomb threats; the fourth this year. The FBI is currently looking into the matter. The cemetery in question is the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery, which was founded in 1893 and has been serving the community for more than 125 years. According to the cemetery foundation’s website, “It operates in accordance with Jewish tradition as is telling from its name: Chesed – loving kindness; and Emeth – Torah Truth and integrity.” This is a very tragic occurrence, and highlights our recent discussion about religious conflict among different congregations and society at large. Assuming this act of defamation was indeed a hate crime, it is truly tragic what this indicates for the political situation in America.