Moral Left vs. Religious Right

It seems that every day of the new Drumpf presidency bring a new concern. With all of the policies that he has attempted to put in place and the seemingly un-American actions he has taken against a land that was founded on immigrants and the taking of an entire people’s land, one has to wonder if those who voted for him have had any regrets. Some conservative Republicans and members of the Religious Right seem to regret their voting decisions and wish to recant what they so powerfully expressed before the inauguration now that they have seen the consequences of a Drumpf presidency. In an article written by John Stoehr for U.S. News and World Report on February 21st, Stoehr shines light on the hypocrisy of the Religious Right and their inflated moral superiority. He writes that the “Republican view of politics vis-a-vis religion grew dramatically myopic, so much so that in 2016 the same Christian conservatives who agonized over Clinton’s besmirching of the presidency chose to unite behind a lying, thieving, philandering sadist in order to achieve a long-coveted and long-denied goal: outlawing abortion.” (Stoehr, A Come-to-Jesus Moment for Liberals, 2/21/17). Liberals and leftists must learn from the failings of the Religious Right: we need to influence our politics by the simplistic morality of Jesus’s teachings, those of tolerance, freedom, and equality for all.