Why is God a man?

Before reading chapter four of McGuire’s “Religion The Social Context” I was never aware of the segregation influenced on our society because of religion. McGuire discusses several instances of religious inequality between men and woman. Growing Catholic I never understood why it was that woman could not hold any position of power. Now as I think about all the injustices the one question that comes to mind is, how can men decide and speak on behalf of a god who we are told treats everyone equally? Throughout the chapter McGuire goes on explaining that it’s just not the Catholic church that holds different standards but many other religions including Buddhism and Islam. On page 134 she then gives her opinion as to whether or not things will change in the quote “Groups that emphasize orthodoxy to literally interpreted religious traditions are resistant to any kind of change”. If a religion interprets everything in a literal sense than the changes in context between when the text was written and now, is lost and old ways of thinking are going to be implemented on a forward thinking society.
In the documentary we saw both character’s showed some aspect of gender roles established by religion. Susie was forced to be a stay-home mom like many of her church friends and Glenn was a male bible studies teacher. From the outside they both seemed content with their gender roles receiving their communities respect. Susie behind doors heavily questioned her lifestyle and faith.