Blog Reflection 1/28

In class we viewed the film “Separate Realities”. This film consisted of two individuals vastly different religious life while only having a street separating their lives. Susie attended St. Paul’s Episcopal Church where she practiced public worship. She always expressed her concerns, questions, conflicts within herself etc., as she went through finding herself within her religion. It was highly important to her that she didn’t have any doubts and uncertainty and must fully believe within her religion. On the other hand, Glenn Stover, a member of the Baptist church considered himself to be born again and found his religion while working through his alcoholism. Stover has lost friends due to drinking less and believing in God more. Both individuals reevaluated themselves in their religion. Both individuals have very contrasting ways in which they express their religion. Glover is verbal on the topic, yet in a way where he wants people to understand God because of how much he believes God has helped himself. Susie is highly reserved with her religion and through the years has believed it to be a private conversation. Today I have been around both types of people; however, many people I am surrounding by specifically the college community tends to fall somewhere in between. Students tend to be open talking about the subject; however, it is rarely brought up in an everyday conversation.   This was interesting in comparison to Chaves chapters 1 and 2 of American Religion where there is explanation of the decline in the number of individuals that believe in a power. Which I believe in today’s society it can be found that many may not believe in a certain power, yet it doesn’t mean they are uninterested or unaware of that topic.