Reflection 28/01/2019

This week in class we watched a documentary focusing on the experiences of two different characters in their churches, which were across the street from each other. One character was a man who went to a first Baptist church and the other was a woman who went to an Episcopal church. The man’s experience was one where he felt very connected with Jesus and believed that he was saved by him and wanted to share this news with everyone. His experience was one where everyone in the church was very outward about their beliefs and wanted to make others see the way they did. The woman, on the other hand, went to a church that focused on one’s relationship with God rather than Jesus. In contrast, people at her church were very personal about their connection with God and religious beliefs were not talked about with others, of the church or the general community.

While watching this documentary, I was able to relate to the journey that the woman was going through. In my family, religion has never been something that is discussed as my parents stopped going to church but did not share why. That reason has always seemed personal to them so I have never asked. My journey with my spirituality has always been connected to the struggles of my identity and beliefs. When the woman was talking with her priest about how her past is affecting her current relationship with God I was able to relate to that because my past and where I am from has always affected my ability to explore my religion.