Changing Religious Landscape

It seems with our current president, many people talk about the “good old days” and about “making America great again.” This makes me think if America isn’t great now, and what made it great before. In the religious sense, these people seem to long for a time when everyone went to church and had the same ideas about the world around them. This has become more difficult to do due to mass media and the internet. The whole world of information is available with the internet and news, so people see many different views from around the world. In the “good old days”  people only focused on their lives and their community because there wasn’t much else from the outside. Today, people can see pictures and get differing opinions first hand from people all around the world. People feel threatened by the pluralism because they feel it calls their beliefs into question. I would also argue that the times that these people are dreaming of, were not all that they promise to be. Many people and churches didn’t accept gay marriage or women’s rights.So, it was great to be a white heterosexual man, but other then that, you were considered less of a person. Personally, I do not want to go back to a time were rational thinking did not prevail and patriarchy ruled. Religion in the United States is shifting not dissappering, and people should embrace the change. I’m not saying that they should stop believing in their faith, but they should open themselves up to pluralism and accept others faiths.