Feelings of Faith

A new Pew survey called a “feeling thermometer” rated how people felt about different religions. (Blumberg, www.huffingtonpost.com) Using a rating system from zero to a hundred, the survey determined which groups of faith Americans have warmer feelings about. (Blumberg, www.huffingtonpost.com) Over 4,200 people participated in this survey, and the results were clear. (Blumberg, www.huffingtonpost.com) Good feelings towards the Jewish community were the highest, and feelings towards the Muslim community were the lowest. (Blumberg, www.huffingtonpost.com) Sadly, this clearly reflects the current times we live in. However, compared to an older poll that was done a few years ago, feelings towards most major religious groups have improved quite a bit. (Blumberg, www.huffingtonpost.com) This proves that Americans are continuing to embrace religious diversity more and more. (Blumberg, www.huffingtonpost.com) People are more open to other groups of faith. Interestingly though, the group who had the biggest increase in ratings was the atheists. (Blumberg, www.huffingtonpost.com) This could possibly represent the idea that more and more people are turning away from religion or feel that religion just isn’t as important as it used to be a few decades ago. In the end though, this survey clearly reveals a lot about America’s feelings towards religions or lack there of.