Religion in the News- Week 7

In wake of the stressful political climate and negative views of some religions in the news, two senators are trying to go against other politicians political agenda and create safe havens for religions. A Democrat and Republican are calling Congress to invest $20 million “to improve security at these centers — whether they are Jewish or affiliated with another faith.” The money will not be used towards the establishment of churches, synagogues, or mosques, but rather for community centers which are religiously affiliated. The article highlights the high number of bomb threats that certain centers have received.

This article relates to what we talked about in class because of the duality of forms that religion can take. In this case, civil government is playing a role within religion to help the community and society. However, religion is also the cause of a divide within the same society. It is being attacked by individuals of other religions or who find religion a threat. It is not a “black and white” problem or solution. Religion is a gray area within society.