Reflection 2/19/2017

As one of this weeks presenters it was interesting to see the drastic change from such a strict and traditional religion (Tradition in a Rootless World) to one that was so laid back and contemporary (Reinventing American Protestantism). Although there was such a difference in their view on what traditions are significant to them, they still had similarities that are important to note. The main theme that is important to look at from a sociologists’ viewpoint is what brings people together. These two groups as well as the previous groups all wanted a sense of community and belonging. I know professor Spickard mentioned how finding a group of people your age that have the same interests as you can be difficult to find outside of a close knit campus like Redlands. Although everyone had a slightly different story as to why they joined a certain congregation, they all seemed to be searching for something more. They either were searching for themselves, a partner, or a new socially intellectual setting.

I thought the Riverside Sandals Church was mind blowing. I did not know a church like that existed and as a younger generation I found it really attractive. I think many of us think church is boring and almost feels like its a duty to attend. However, when I saw parts of their sermon and how they express their love for God I don’t think I could get bored even if I wanted to. The amount of people that attend was also astonishing. Sometimes it’s very intimidating to attend a smaller church with a friend or two because you know you’ll get bombarded with questions about your life and sometimes you feel judged. But at this church you can meet people if you want to, like joining smaller church circles or just say hi and bye to the people around you. You control how much you invest yourself in the church and you have fun while preaching your love to God.