Blog Reflection 2/18

This week we saw many interesting case studies, learning about such diverse topics as women in Orthodox Jewish congregations, protestantism in the new millennium, and the fascinating conundrum of a parish shared by two different groups of Catholic worshippers. As we move into the next week and look at the many denominational congregations right here in Redlands, I look forward to seeing if any of the themes and core concepts brought up in this presentations will apply. So much was discussed in these case studies that I am sure real-world application is inevitable, even if the particular circumstances and environments discussed in the studies is not replicated. Even if no real connections to the case studies can be made it will of course be fascinating nonetheless to see how diverse the worship services throughout our city are. I know I for one am looking forward to visiting a congregation tomorrow, as it will be the very first time I’ve attended a regular religious service somewhere other than the RUCC, the church of my childhood, and indeed the very first time I’ll have attended a church service since the last the time I was there roughly ten years ago. All in all this exposure to a new cultural viewpoint and a new view on spirituality and religiosity is going to be a stupendous learning experience, cutting to the core of what interested me in this class in the first place.