Religions and Their Appeal

With presentations going on and learning about different religion groups, it is very interesting to see how and why people think different religions are appealing and why they feel the need to be apart of it. I started to notice that majority of churches are very eager for new people within the community or the very opposite, they could care less. The Riverside Sandals Church that was featured in one of this week’s presentations showed how much the church goes out of their way to make themselves appealing rather than another church that people have no idea exists. The Riverside Sandals Church uses technology to their advantage and makes it possible to reach out to many different types of people to invite them in. Back home, I go to a Calvary church which does the same thing. They are very inviting to everyone and uses technology to their advantage. Also this week, many people, including myself, went and visited different denominations to see how different groups of people come together to practice their religion, so it will be interesting to see how people describe the way the church brought them in/acknowledged them. Our generation can typically think that religion can be boring, so if a church is willing to go out of their way to appeal to someone personally, I think that is an attractive feature to a church and I would want to join just for that specific reason.