reflection 4/15

This past week I was able to interview my religious specialist.  Although both of our schedules weren’t compatible with each other, we were still able to make it work via email.  I interviewed Pastor Rich Cox from the Christian Door Fellowship. He was such a nice, genuine person who has an amazing story of how he was reborn again.  

Pastor Rich Cox is currently the senior pastor at his church.  He is a very hard working man as he works 7 days a week with 12-14 hours per day.  If you didn’t know, the average person works 5 days a week with 8.8 hours per day! I was quite shocked when he told me this.  I can’t image how he manages his life outside of his work!

Before he became a pastor, Pastor Rich was a full time police officer for 10 years.  He believed that there was too much violence and cruelty that he witnessed everyday, so he decided to withdraw himself from all of it.  Although it took him awhile, he surrendered his life to Christ in 1984 and believed that he was called to become a pastor. From then on, it made him love and enjoy what he does for people everyday.  

There are a lot of people like Pastor Rich who have surrendered their life to Christ.  My pastor at my own church has a similar background story just like Pastor Rich. They both never grew up wanting to be involved in full time ministry.  It was both during a certain moment in their life where they believed there is something out there for them that is better. Something that was missing in their life.  It’s amazing to hear about all these different stories and to see how each person has grown just by accepting Christ in their life.