Reflection 4/8

This week I completed my interview with a religious specialist. I chose to interview an individual from the Center for Spiritual Living because with another class with professor Spickard we are required to intern with an organization that helps with homelessness. For my internship, I am interning with an organization based out of the Center. I also chose to do my last congregation visit with the Center for Spiritual Living because of the interest that I have generated while working with the organization.

My interview was done over the phone and it resulted in some informative information. I learned so much about the Center as a whole and its inner workings. Through this, I learned so much about how the religious specialist feels about doing what they do. I also discovered why and how they proceeded into this field. It is interesting interacting and conversing with someone so involved in a church. As I have previously stated, I do not know much about religion and I have never conversed with someone so involved in the church besides speaking to individuals about Freemasonry. I have spoken to individuals in length about being a Freemason and have read through some old documents. My recent phone interview sparked an interest and better understanding just as speaking about Freemasonry had previously.

All in all, speaking more in-depth with individuals so involved with organized religion allows me insight into a world that I am not familiar with. This is why the study of sociology and anthropology is so beneficial, it allows you understanding into a world and culture that you had never known before.