reflection 4/1

This morning I went to my usual Sunday service at my local church back at my hometown.  The senior pastor Dave Fukuyama spoke and gave yet another powerful message. He emphasized his sermon on what the word “peacemaker” means and how those who do consider themselves Christian should be one.  He explained how a peacemaker is one who doesn’t start fights, doesn’t gossip, doesn’t start rumors, etc. In order to be a peacemaker, one shows faithfulness to God no matter what the circumstances are. Pastor Dave gave us an example of how him and his friend got into a huge fight.  The argument kept going on for days which then turned into weeks and he just got tired of the constant fighting. He then decided to become, in this situation, the peacemaker and took one step to reconcile himself with the friend. The friend and pastor Dave finally made their amends and are friends till this day.  He believes that being a peacemaker allowed him to save a very important friendship of his. Pastor Dave also touched on the subject that being a peacemaker indicates that you are a child of God. A quote was given on the screen and it explained how if one finds joy in scandals, if one is unwilling to make peace, if one is mean, etc. then you are not a true Christian.  He explained more on this quote how being involved with the church doesn’t mean you are a true Christian. What it means to be a true Christian is that you are obedient to God and live in the life of Jesus Christ.

I don’t have a great relationship with a person in my life and we have been fighting lately.  Today’s message made me realize that I need to be the peacemaker and ultimately make amends with them.  I really enjoyed this sermon. It really made me look at my own actions in my life from a different point of view and reminded me what it means to be a true Christian.