Find the Good

Over the coarse of the weekend I decided to do my congregational visit at the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ pretty close to the school. I went with my friend and it seemed to be very different from a catholic and christian church that i visited earlier. I was the only person who was not wearing a tie so that was very different from the last church that really didn’t care about attire. The biggest thing I found about the church was that it wasn’t really minister based or had one person that leads everyone. It is more of a community and togetherness that brought people together. Many people would volunteer to do opening prayer and such while people of the church would be given a topic to present on and those people would be the “pastor” for the day. They had a hymn book in the phew which was something I have never seen before but was very helpful for someone like me who didn’t know the words to the songs. After the service we broke out into small groups based on age and gender. I was with the elders group and we talked about Gods love and how he shows us love no matter how much evil there is. We talked about the people of the world and how its hard to view evil people as good and try and find the good in them when they are making bad choices. We should view things ins gods eyes that everyone is equal and try and find the good in people when there is so much bad to cover it up.