Reflection 11/3/18

During Spring break I was able to experience lived religion as I was approached by someone who was walking telling people about her church and how she was saved by God. She told me about how she used to take drugs and drink a lot but when she started going to the church she was able to turn her life around and become a better person. After she explained that she asked me if I would join her in a prayer for my salvation and to say thanks to God. I declined the offer but I could tell that she wanted to help me be saved the same way that she was. Her church provided her with a way to take control of her life and feel safe and she wanted to pass that on to others.

Having this experience allowed me to see in person how religion affects some and how they want to spread this to others. It is always interesting to experience people who want to share their religion because I am used to religion being personal and people not wanting to share their experiences with others. Seeing the difference between what I am used to and what I experienced makes me wonder what the difference is between how the persons are relating to their religion and what makes them want to have this difference.