Blog Reflection 3/11

While reading chapter 8 of McGuire’s book, I was struck by her concept of privatization as a version of secularization. Privatization seems so familiar to me because that is how I have always seen my religion. Growing up, religion was taught to me as a personal relationship between you and God. As I got older, I began to lean more towards the forgiving teachings of the Christian faith and away from stricter Catholic teachings. I wanted my religion to be more tailored to fit me. This is a religion in the modern world.

In the world today you can find people everywhere who make religion individualized. Religion as a part of personal life used to create a moral code or as a buffer for stress. Everyone practices in different ways and defines their religious or spiritual life differently. More and more people are attending non-denominational churches and mega churches to be able to practice their way.

Americans are also strong supporters for separation of church and state, another way to keep religion a personal aspect.