The Growth of Technology in Congregations

It’s no surprise that technology has become a key part of our religious experience. With services becoming less and less formal it allows technology to play a bigger part in the spectacle of practices.  We have added projectors, monitors, amps, speakers, and LED lights all adding to the modern and concert aesthetic that many congregations are trying to achieve to appeal to a younger audience. With that, it becomes less about the what is said and focuses more on what the practitioner feels or what is calling to them through these events. Technology has ironically made the practice of faith more natural because of the removal of the feeling of forcing yourself to be something you aren’t and allows you the opportunity to express yourself. The joining of social media helps with appealing and contacting a younger market. It allows congregations the opportunity to advertise, reach out, and interact with the society around them. Making it easier to set up volunteer and out reach work, making it more appealing to people. The issue however is that technology is that it limits its audience to people who enjoy that type of spiritual experience and to those who are in touch with social media and online trends. So while these congregations are starting to get more involvement from a younger audience their elderly participants are starting to find a home in different congregations.