Reflection 25/02/19

This week we were listening to the presentations of the different congregation visits that my classmates did in the Redlands area. It was interesting to see the different opinions people had on the congregations that they visited. As each presentation was done in pairs each presentation had the viewpoints of people with different religious backgrounds. What one person expected to find in a church was completely foreign to the other, or sometimes they agreed on what they expected. The expectations that people have when going to church based on their past experiences is larger than they assume because seeing something different tends to be shocking. In class, we learned about the differences in churches and how they operate. Despite this, seeing and experiencing a church that differs from what you are used to because it challenges the personal definition one has of religion and what one expects from it. The one that stood out the most to me was the group who presented on the Mormon church. There was a large contrast between the formality of the dress and the informality of the people at the mass. This separation was surprising to me because, from my own experience, the level of formality of dress dictates the level of formality. Learning that there are people who view that disconnect between the two as something that is normal was interesting because it shows that there are people who experience a different connection to their dress and their surroundings.