Watching all the congressional visit reports last week had me thinking about the diversity of each church and how they all have different takes on religion and the way they do rituals could be the same or they could be completely different. Seeing my Hope Protestant Reformed Church and how they mixed Christian and Catholic rituals and traditions in their service was cool to me. There isn’t an outline telling you how you must teach Gods word or how you must perform a certain ritual. Every church thinks that what they do is unique and its awesome to see that everyone is accepting of their own rituals.

Chapter 5 of American Religion was talking about different congregations and how there are over 300,000 different congregations in the world. Each having a different take on the religion and the rituals that they perform. Most of these churches are very accepting of others and it talks about that in the chapter highlighting how they have more acceptance for gay and lesbian members along with the use of technology in the church and how they are changing based on the surroundings and how technology has taken over our day and age. Also, the chapter includes how informal worship is becoming a trend. It doesn’t specifically say this, but I believe that if a church doesn’t really have a dress code or standards for the way someone dresses that it’s a lot more welcoming to others whop just want to check it out. Overall the chapter does a good overview on the different congregations and how they are changing as time goes on.