case study reflection

The presentation on the Lincoln square synagogue and the bais chana was interesting to learn about because of the perception of this religion seen as a cult by nonmembers. The bais chana consisted of young woman and teens who needed to fin their true identity. The fact that women who start attending the Bais Chana religion encourage Jewish women to continue their education. From the description given in the presentation it gave the sense that this synagogue was more strict on their women due to the fact that they were sent to institutions and are removed from society. The organization of this institution does imply their ideals rapidly but does provide the needs of their members. Since these women were removed from society it is difficult for them to date someone out of their religion unless they are of the same religious belief.

This “cult” ideal religion does have the similarity of only having people of the same religion to date or even marry like in Christianity and Catholics when a couple wants to get married by church.

While the Lincoln square synagogue shared more of a modern value when contact with secular society. Thus being the complete opposite from the Bais Chana. It is not a religion where conversion is rapid and strict but rather consists of a limited commitment from their members. This religion does have less social pressure but more resistance for gradual conversion.

In conclusion this presentation was interesting to learn about more of the brighter internal view of the religion from the members perspective instead of the cult view of that outsiders describe the religion as.