Blog Post 2/11

In chapter four of McGuires book, she brings up the topic of Women’s Religion and Gender Roles. She explains the connection between religious expectations and societal gender stereotypes. The roles that men and women have in society are created by the religious groups  definition of them. In class recently, we have been talking about how more people are identifying as Unaffiliated and how the word “Spiritual” is being used more. When examining America in recent years, we see an increase in women and minority rights. People today are defying gender stereotypes and breaking the norms and views of society. Women of this generation refuse to conform to a man’s idea of what a woman should do or say. This creates many women who reject what many traditional or official religious teachings say. In non-official religions, women are allowed to define their own roles and find meanings that have relevance to who they really are and not who men tell them to be.