Reflection 2/10

Religion as a form of community is a tie that can be made in the texts, lectures, and presentations. Religion was never a component of my personal life and this last month of the class had made me feel as though it is something that I may have missed out on. It has been expressed time after time that attending church can and does create a sense of community and a feeling of belonging. It makes me curious about the thoughts formed by children. While listening to the case studies it was presented how different churches preach different interpretations of the bible. This makes me wonder how the children growing up in these churches view the same topic. I wonder if they tend to only understand the side that the church presents or a multifaceted view of the topic. Throughout my readings, I have also wondered the amount of commitment to the church that is felt through its members.

While reading “A Mosaic of Believers” by Gerardo Marti, it was expressed that the pastor did not favor people who he viewed as shopping for a church. He expressed that a church was something that required time and dedication and felt that people should feel that pull to the church. It is interesting to me that this is a belief and I wonder if this is a commonly held belief. All in all, religious life, service, and routine is one that keeps me wondering.