Churches and Social Activism

This week in class we presented our second congregational visit oral reports. This time people had visited sectarian churches instead of denominational ones. It was interesting to hear what other people had to say about their experiences. A number of my fellow students ended up visiting these really evangelical places that believe that if one doesn’t believe in God, they’re going to hell. Two or three of these places also stressed the “end of days” and how it’s practically upon us. Most of the students who went to these places said that those places were kind of intense, as well a little weird and awkward. However, some other students went to places that really weren’t like that. The churches they went to were just more hip and modern than your average church. Then there was one student who went to a Jehovah’s Witnesses service. She said that was definitely an interesting experience.

The other thing that happened this week was that our teacher has us go to this symposium he was giving talk at instead of having regular class. He ended up giving a talk about Catholic Workers and social activism in modern times. It was about these people who identify as Catholic, but aren’t traditional Catholics like the ones people usually think of. These people are more separate from the official Catholic Church and they are major social activists for a number of different things. The teacher then talked about some of work they’ve done, including helping the homeless in LA and having a soup kitchen. Also, while they may not be mainstream Catholics, they still hold their own services and practice their faith. In the end, this clearly demonstrates how these days people are taking religion more into their own hands and are trying to use it in the way they think is best in order to help the world.