The Rock Church

The Rock Church identifies as a non-denominational, sectarian, Pentecostal Protestant congregation. Located in San Bernardino, the members of this congregation make up a diverse community which reflects the demographics of the area. This church isn’t your usual, traditional sectarian church. On the contrary, it is a sectarian church that has adopted modern methods of worship and service. The church’s venue is actually in a theater with a stage and gigantic television screens. They use live, church rock music to open up the service. They have embraced the use of advanced technologies to better engage and attract its members. Although very modern, it still held characteristics of traditional sectarian beliefs. These included looking to the Bible to solve life’s problems, believing in the Bible in a very literal sense, and believing in heaven or hell after death. Additionally, because this congregation identifies as Pentecostal Protestant, it means that they have a special connection to God through being saved by the Holy Spirit. They believe being “born again” is the only way to salvation. In my paper about this congregation I outlined 5 concepts that I observed and studied in my readings for class. These included the use of advanced technology, the diversity, the group’s meaning system, theodicies, and the belief in salvation through being “born again”.