Development of Religion as Seen Through a 3year old

A consistent theme throughout the articles we have been reading is the religion means something different to everyone in and out of practice. Religion as a series of symbols, stories, experiences, and community appeals to different people and different ways. I am convinced that each person no matter how devote has a different interpretation of their religion or lack of. This week a three-year-old visited Rome and the Vatican City with her family. Those in the Pope’s presence and throughout the holy city, were there with some understanding of the religious significance. The toddler on the other hand had no experience yet to help her understand the significance of the city she was in let alone the man who she was being introduced to when she took his skull cap. Laughter erupted. Estella’s actions were funny because of the innocence behind the action. In a sense this was an action of undeveloped religion. Without understanding the stories or symbols denoting the significance of the pope Estella could not be expected to act according. This story clearly shows that one is not born with religion, but religion is acquired over time.


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