Trump Forgot something

President Trump was heavily criticized in his statement on the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Not once in his speech did he acknowledge the millions of Jews that lost their lives or the fact that anti-Semitic feelings are still present today. His speech many felt was inappropriate and missed the mark completely, however the white house refused to comment when asked why he left out central themes. According to the article “Trump has been accused of trafficking in anti-Semitic stereotypes and his campaign has been accused of employing anti-Semitic tropes.” (Gibson). On top of those accusations leaving out a core part of Holocaust Remembrance is only accentuating his anti-Semitic views indirectly.

In order to be successful in the congregation visits students had to go into the church service with an open mind. One of the main advantages of an open mind way of thinking is the ability to empathize with other religions and people. The contrast between the southern Baptist and the Catholic Mass could not have been more distinct, but learning about them both made me more understanding of their beliefs and traditions. We are also able to compare across the board why some congregations are successful and the different ways they each measure success.