Every Day Spirituality

After the presentation on Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes, I’ve been reflecting upon how daily activities are infused with spirituality. The group lead the class through a beautiful guided meditation, leaving students feeling focused, refreshed and aware for the remainder of the presentation. I was reminded how strong the connection of one’s breath and one’s body can be, and how a short period of meditation can improve your mood and focus for hours after the fact. The presentation centered around the three subsets of spirituality, and how people implement them into their lives. I found their discussion of spirituality in the physical body particularly interesting, as I hadn’t before thought of medical appointments or exercise to be spiritual, but the more I reflected the more I concurred. Personal health and wellness is particularly important to one’s happiness, and it only makes sense that meditation and spirituality should be connected to that.

The presentation also brought up the idea of spiritual meditation while doing remedial tasks such as driving home, walking a dog or eating dinner. The things we do everyday can become some of the best time to connect your breath to your body, slow your thoughts, and think about spiritual life. Since this presentation, I have began to implement these breathing practices into my daily activities, utilizing my time spent with familiar things to also work on my spiritual well being. I have found that this multi-tasking has helped me to feel more spiritual and connected, more of the time.