Religion and Culture

On February 14 there was an article posted on titled Religion and Culture: Refugees of Different Faiths Seek LA Armenian Church Help. It explored a diverse community coming together to seek aid from a common source. Both Christian and Muslim refugees are going to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Los Angeles. They call the priest there “abouna,” which is father in Arabic. They have sought his help in both financial and moral issues. He stated that he has more than 30 people contact him throughout a day looking for assistance. The priest mentioned other places which refugees are seeking assistance as well.

The article included a lot of logistical facts such as which countries the individuals were coming from and the number of refugees which have been displaced. However, I think the highlight of the piece was the ability to show the coexistence between different people. They were not only from different religions, but also different countries. This related to the presentation about the shared parish. Our Lady Queen of Martyrs is a parish that is a haven for refugees of all kinds.