Observing Life in Different Religions

This past week, we discussed the different types of religions and how people behave when apart of it. We then watched the film, Born Again: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church, that gave an inside look to how different people live their lives when apart of a certain religion. The kids in the movie complained about not being able to experience new things and knowing everyone’s business that surrounded them. Because everything was known around the community, if they participated in something that was considered sinful to the church they would have to keep it a big secret and not tell anyone. Even certain adults were not content and happy being apart of the religion. At one point, a mother was unable to see her kids, because she had committed a sinful act and could only see them if she followed certain guidelines and orders. It is amazing that people will live a certain way, because they believe in a certain religion and believe that it’s ruling is always correct. In our readings this week, it also showed that the involvement in youth in churches is starting to decline. The church is beginning to become a more older age group collectively. Younger people are no longer inspired by religion, because it seems like something that will limit them. Just from watching the film, it is apparent that kids aren’t thrilled about being apart of something that will hinder their fun and experiencing all opportunities of life.