Born Again

Growing up Catholic I did not know much about belonging to a Sectarian church. As we watched the film Born Again I was able to have an inside view of the way religion shapes the members of a Born Again Church. What stood out to me the most was the way the Christian school day differed so much from the elementary and middle school I attended. I attended a Catholic elementary school and thought that because they were both schools that integrated religion and academia that they would be similar when in fact there are many differences. From the start of the school day the children pledged allegiance to the bible and to the Christian faith using a Christian flag as a symbol of their faith. I thought this was was both fascinating and scary. The fact that the children pledged to the Christian faith before the US was something that I have never seen. It also got me wondering do children that young really the understand what they are pledging? How many of the churches with a strict mindset have members who grow up and question their faith? Although I saw a great passion in the members of the Born Again community, I feel as though they were not as welcoming to other ideas that they might not believe in such as divorce. This notion that the Born Again way is the only way really got me to question why people give other’s the power to speak on “God’s” behalf.