Social Tension with “Extreme Vetting”

The past week has been quite stressful for refugees of the Middle East as Trump’s ban on their entrance to the United States has come to light. His executive order put a 120 day ban on any refugee to seek entrance to the U. S as a way to give priority to Christians in the Middle East and Africa who have seen a lot of persecution within the Middle East over the past few years. This has put a damper on relations between Muslims and Christians as the ban has become more of a religious and cultural discrimination rather than political prosperity. Thinking about class discussions on religious status based on tensions with society, I believe that this ban has begun to put Islam on the high spectrum of tension as they are viewing the U.S as un-open to them physical as far as a place of refuge, but also as a place of discrimination against the beliefs and customs of Muslims, but also the association that Americans have given Muslims. Christians on the other hand, have most likely seen a decrease in social tension as they are being seen as more accepted and have begun to take priority within society.