God Likes Football?!

There’s has been a long standing belief among fans that God influences the outcomes of football games, among other sports. A new survey that was recently released says that 25 percent of Americans believe this to be true, especially when it comes to the Super Bowl and its outcome. (www.christianheadlines.com) Past surveys showed slightly higher numbers. In 2013, it was 27 percent of Americans and in 2015, it was 26 percent. (www.christianheadlines.com) While there is a slight decline, clearly there is still a significant amount of the American population who believes this. This is something interesting to think about. While surveys show that people are becoming less affiliated with religious organizations, other surveys suggest that these same people still have a strong belief in God. (Chaves, Pg. 57) Those who don’t always attend services on regular basis also still say they believe in God. (Chaves, Pg. 49) This reveals that while religious affiliation and attendance has gone down, the core beliefs in things like God and the afterlife still remain quite strong. Many people who are spiritual, but not necessarily religious, still believe in God and that God influences our world. This belief concerning football and God may just be an example of this in some way.