22 Powerful Posts From People Of Faith At The Women’s March

This past weekend there were many Women’s marches throughout the world. Each person was marching for the rights of women. People on seven different continents rallied together. This news article was focused on individuals who held signs at these various rallies. The signs ranged from sayings like “Jews Reject Trump,” “‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you’ -Jesus,” “Sikhs for equality,” and “Japanese Americans against Muslim Registry.” There were people of all different faiths, creeds, and associations coming together for one cause. Like McGuire argued in Chapter 4, it is the common people who are seen in religion, rather than elites.

This article also is connected to our conversation in class about official religion and non official religion. While this was not specifically within a building, there were still people promoting their religious beliefs. It was multiple people (whoever) practicing “whatever” in “however” they wanted. While this was not specifically religious, people were still practicing religion. This leads to the question is this considered worship or preaching, or is it something else? Was this rally religious in itself? Or was it going against the status quo of western religions?