Religion and Spirituality

The article on “Religion and Spirituality” were describes to be different concepts although they are similar in the way that they correspond to each other depending on similar aspects. One example is a life changing experience from an individual where they were drawn spiritually and then that will eventually lead to religion. The term for someone being considered religious is based on the amount of church attendance. A social experiment was made where a large number of participants from various religions including: first Baptist, Pentecostals, evangelicals etc who varied from different age groups and ethnicities to a survey. This survey consisted of 5 questions that consisted on asking the participant what their definition of religion and spirituality are followed by statements that they believe match their definition best. The third questions was to distinguish whether they consider themselves to be more religious or spiritual followed by an explanation that supports their claim. These surveys were split into categories that included church attendance, education, age, demographics, ect. The article then concluded that religion and spirituality very distinctly different concepts spirituality being the highest dependent on the results from the surveys taken by the participants. Which I found interesting because I though that in order to be spiritual you needed to follow a religion or philosophy, but in fact gaining spirituality comes first then the individual can decide on a religion to follow. 

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  1. Although the two vary; their connection is clear. The order in which one obtains them is becoming increasingly individualized to the point they can have one or the other; but the paths to religion and spirituality is becoming extremely diverse.

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