Fluffy Bunny Syndrome Reflection: 4/1

This week I read the article about “fluffy bunny syndrome”. The article talked about how active members of pagan religions often get annoyed with people who commoditize the religion and do not take it as seriously as other pagans. They do this by selling trinkets and influencing popular culture in a way that misrepresents the religion. For example, fluffy bunnies might sell “love potions” or air a TV show about witches. Some of the pagans were accepting of the “fluffy bunnies” because it introduced others to the religion and helped spread awareness of pagan practices.

After reading this article, I wondered if other religions have issues with “fluffy bunnies”. I have seen Christian knick knacks all over the place in various shops and online. I wonder if some Christians have issues with people making money off of religious symbols. I also remember visiting Spanish missions as a child and I recall that there were gift shops that sold expensive rosaries and ornate Bibles. Are these expensive symbols seen as a sign of deep devotion or as a scam? I can see pagan religions having more issues with commoditization because the religion is less accepted and known about by society. It is easier to skew the public’s perception of what paganism is if it is not widely practiced. When people see Christian products in a store, it is not likely that they will change their perception of the religion because they are already exposed to it. I think that if one is going to sell a product with religious influences, they should make sure they accurately represent the beliefs of those who practice the religion.