Reflection 01/04/19

This week we were doing the jigsaws in class with different articles exploring the different narratives for the future of religion. We discussed the narratives ‘Is religion becoming militantly conservative’ and ‘Is religion become more individualized’. Sharing the two different articles for these narratives is interesting in their comparison. One argument is that religion is returning back to its fundamentals and the other is that religion is straying from its fundamentals. Both of these theories exist simultaneously and that shows the complexity of religion. Personally, as a Wiccan, I understood the argument for religion becoming more personalized better. This is how I have found my own personal religion in that I was able to personalize my beliefs and find something that worked for me due to the flexibility that Wicca provides.

While learning about the return to fundamentalism in religion, it was harder for me to understand why people move towards this movement of religion. The article I read that explained the concepts of fundamentalism and why people are attracted towards in today’s world. This article helped me to understand why people seek out stability in religion this way. Learning about the different ways that people seek out religion and how that affects the future of religion as a whole has helped me to develop a more well-rounded view of the diversity of people in the world.