Making Religion Irrelevant

This past week, I read the piece entitled “Making Religion Irrelevant” which discussed religious change in response to social and theological changes. The author argues that religious decline is a result of the common belief that religious conservatism is becoming a stronger force in the modern world, but yet religion has not disappeared instead certain types of religion have risen in popularity. Specifically traditional, conservative and reactionary religions have increased in popularity. This is not an attempted revival of a traditional way of life, but a response to dissatisfaction with modern morals and attitudes. Which brings the question is the rise of traditionalist religions directly related to modernity? Is this increase a critique of neoliberalism? The author also discusses how media portrayal of religion, including church scandals and the like, has reduced the influence of religious social voice. Its interesting to think about how the social impact of religion has declined over the years and what the resulting impact of this may be.