your choice

Heading to a bible study this week changed the perspective on how I look at religion and really put me in a situation where I had to make personal choices. Being at a christian school all my life and having religion forced onto me has most likely effected my long term relationship with god and makes me wonder if their even is a god. Seeing the way god works in people is astonishing and being an active member of the religion is something I would like to do and make the commitment to do but its hard because of my past. I feel like I am not the only person who feels this way and not the only person who was forced into religion at a young age. I feel like being forced into a religion and to go to church at a young age changes how people make long term decisions about their religion. Seeing someone relationship with god develop over time is something beautiful and can help you make life changing decisions but this has to be made by yourself and not forced by family. Trying to force someone into doing something like going to church will effect them directly because maybe they do not know everything about the religion or they want to learn more. This is something that has personally affected my life and something I can see effecting other peoples life as well. Bringing this to light and making sure someone has good background information on the religion and have a well rounded knowledge of what hey are trying to do will help make your decision and it should be 100% personal for your life.