Evil Doers and Good People

I read the opinion based article Are we witnessing the triumph of evil on RNS (Religious News Service), and as much as the article lacked facts and fully fleshed out ideas it did bring a very interesting question to my attention. Are there good and bad people? The article did not hesitate to jump head first into our social climate and the tragedies that happened this week. The author talked about how he thinks that we are being overwhelmed with negative news and how he connects these ideas to Amalek (a nation in the Hebrew bible that are the enemy of the Israelites). He started the article with asking his 7th grade class if there are bad people, they responded with “No, there are just people who do bad things” the he proceeds to ask if there are good people and without hesitation they responded ” Of course there are”. Now I’m not saying that 7th graders are the forefront of ethics in society but they give a very straight forward answer. I would even say that most people would agree with them. The issue that I find with the article is that unlike the the students the author is too quick to jump to the conclusion that people are bad and that we as a society are witnessing evil triumph and control our society. I think that we need to establish a more neutral context while discussing ethics and the idea of good and evil doers. I am a strong  believer in that no one is inherently good or evil but we just make decisions that we think will best suit us.

One thought on “Evil Doers and Good People

  1. Agreed, 7th graders are the bluntest of us all. The moral and ethical question of what constitutes good versus bad has become so subjective—that people unfortunately just like to see the worst in others.

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